Sophisticated Technology

Anderson Engineering uses state of the art technology and methods to perform its surveying services. Whether the situation calls for GPS, robotic, digital scanning, or conventional equipment, our crews have the tools and knowledge required to efficiently perform the work. Field data can be sent to the office using electronic data transfer to initiate the quick preparation of reports and maps.
Anderson Engineering is an industry leader in performing remote surveys and combining GPS technology with contaminant detection instrumentation to develop characterization mapping and verification of environmental cleanup projects. Our sophisticated GIS databases have revolutionize the way site characterizations are mapped and presented. Gone are the days of thousand page documents filling up countless bookshelves.


Seasoned Professionals

Anderson Engineering’s survey and mapping team is built around a solid core of professionals who have years of experience and an increasing knowledge of the latest survey technology and practices. We understand that just as important as having the latest technology is having people that can operate and maximize the potential benefits of this technology.