In 2009 Anderson Engineering president and founder, Steve Anderson, introduced the company motto, Right Tools, Right Method, Right People.


At Anderson Engineering it is imperative that we do everything in the right way. That means using the proper tools. That means selecting the correct method and using prepared people for a job.  I am thoroughly convinced  if we use the Right Tools, the Right Method, and the Right People, we will not only be successful in our occupational pursuits, but most important, we will be safe while doing so.

Right Tools

Anderson Engineering is committed to being a leader in the industry with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. By employing modern equipment and tools, Anderson is able to provide a more polished and complete project, faster then others in the industry.
Using the right tools means more than having the latest technology. Anderson is adamant that for a project to be done safe and correctly, the right tools must be used for each task of the job.  While others around us may cut corners to save time and money, Anderson believes that the safety of our employees and all those we work with, should always come first. That safety, starts with the right tools for the right job.


Right Method 

Today’s engineering challenges are increasingly complex and can only be solved by applying both technical expertise and creativity. Anderson believes that education precedes innovation—and thus is committed to increasing our capacity to innovate though research and training. By applying our in depth technical understanding, Anderson is able to innovatively provide the right method tailored to every unique engineering problem.
Rather than relying on cookie cutter solutions and designs, Anderson works with our clients to provide flexible solutions that meet and exceed their goals. Using the right method for each job often requires more effort. Yet, Anderson believes that the right method leads to a safer, more effective long term solution.


Right People

Having the Right Tools and Right Methods doesn’t mean a lot if they are not combined with the Right People. When Steve Anderson started the company 30 years ago, he found that the engineering world lacked personalized service. Since then, he has made significant effort ensuring that every Anderson employee develops a personal and responsive relationship with whomever they work with. By building this relationship first, Anderson Engineering is enabled to better understand the needs of our clients and utilize our extensive training to provide a safe and complete project.