Cold and Flu Season

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Just as it is important to keep yourself safe from external objects that can harm you, it is equally important, but often forgotten when it comes to safety, is prevention and protection from harmful elements that can injure a person from the inside such as a cold or flu virus. Here are a few quick facts from the Utah Safety Council to help prevent sickness this winter as well as a handy infographic on how to recognize the symptoms of a common cold versus the flu virus.

From the Utah Safety Council

There is no fail safe preventive measure in a work environment that will guarantee a person will not get a cold or flu. It is advised to avoid close contact with anyone that has a cold or flu. Your best defense is to wash your hands with soap often for at least 20 seconds. Use a hand sanitizer between washes. “Often” means every time hands have contacted a potentially contaminated surface, such as:

  • Hands or face of others (a handshake is a significant infection pathway)
  • Doorknob or handle (including microwave, refrigerator, coffee pot handle, and material-handling equipment)
  • Copier machine buttons or parts
  • Elevator button
  • Bathroom fixture
  • Countertops or desktops
  • Food, or food container handled by others
  • Books, computers, phones and office materials used by others
  • Hand or power tool used by others
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