International Smelter

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Announcement Date: June 5, 1987

1987: Anderson is contracted to begin the reclamation of the International Smelter in Tooele County. Active work to transform this expansive EPA Superfund into usable open space would continue for approximately 20 years.

Site History: Copper smelting began in 1910. The smelter had a capacity of 4,000 tons of copper ore per day. Two years later, copper ore supplies declined and IS&R built a lead smelter. In 1915 Anaconda (now ARCO—the Atlantic Richfield Company) purchased the IS&R subsidiary. Over several years the owners added a lead-zinc sulfide flotation mill and a slag treatment plant for lead and zinc recovery. Copper production ceased in 1946 when the copper smelter closed. Lead smelting ceased in early 1972 and the site was reclaimed in 1986. An estimated 650,000 tons per year of tailings, slag and flue dust were produced during early operations at the IS&R site. Source EPA Superfund Region 8

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