Great Falls Copper and Zinc Refinery

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Announcement Date: March 5, 1988


1988: Anderson is contracted to begin the site clean up  of the Great Falls, MT. Copper and Zinc Refinery facility.

Site History:

The Boston & Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver Mining Company began construction of the first smelter at the 427-acre metals refinery site in 1892, which was operated by many in the adjacent community of Black Eagle. Primary products from activities at the site were copper, zinc, arsenic and cadmium. Operations began in 1893 when ore from mines in Butte, Montana was concentrated, smelted and refined. Electrolytic and furnace refineries also operated at the site. The property was acquired by Anaconda Copper Mining Company in 1910. Copper was made into commercially useful shapes. Smelting and refining activities continued at the facility until the early 1970s.

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