An Excellent Tool — Behavior Based Safety

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Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is nothing new. Concepts of the scientific based approach to safety began surfacing in the early 1970’s. By the mid 1990’s the term BBS was highly popularized. For Anderson Engineering Behavior Based Safety is also nothing new.
During July’s safety meeting John Gallegos and Chris Sudol outlined the components of Anderson’s BBS program. “BBS is a scientific way to understand why people behave the way they do when it comes to safety.” “Properly applied, [BBS] is an effective next step towards creating a truly pro-active safety culture where injury and damage prevention is a core value.”
John emphasized that in order to effective achieve a safe working environment attitudes must be changed by changing behaviors to be safe. By developing safe attitudes workers become fully committed and more devoted to safe practices rather than following procedures out a mere desire to be compliant.
As a means of developing safe attitudes, John presented the BBS Observation process which includes:
o    Plan where and when to make observations and what to look for
o    Observe worker behavior for safe and at-risk performance
o    Coach for improved performance by positively reinforcing or redirection
o    Record what was observed, why it occurred, and what will be done.



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